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The Cottage Greenhouse Rhassoul Clay Mask


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To cleanse, tone & tighten. 100% natural. A beauty-boosting go-to for centuries, clay’s powerful properties naturally draw out dirt and impurities and restore a rich, radiant glow. Clarify, cleanse and control stubborn shine with a clay that’s treated troubled skin for ages. Touted for centuries for its purifying properties, Rhassoul is a timeless skin-loving treat. Nourishing cleansers immerse your face in much-needed nutrients while controlling its natural oil balance. Tones and tightens for smoother, happier, healthier skin.

To use
1. In a bowl, mix 3 tbsp of clay powder with warm water or herbal infusion.
2. Apply with fingertips to skin. Massage in a circular motion.
3. Let sit for 5 minutes to receive full moisturizing & conditioning benefits.
4. Rinse with warm washcloth & gently pat skin dry. Discard any extra product.

  • 3.5 oz.
  • 3.25"Dia x 3.25"H
  • USA

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