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Go Be Lovely Gift Set


Brand Illume

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This beautiful tin clutch holds six tantalizing scents from the masters of fragrance Illume.

    • Anemone: a blend of apple, mint, citrus and patchouli
    • Grapefruit Oleander: an uplifting melange of grapefruit, geranium and sandalwood
    • Cactus Verde: a bright blend of cassis, pink sea salt, wild geranium and avocado
    • Thai Lily: an exotic fusion of Bali mango, blood orange and Brazilian teak
    • Coconut Milk Mango: a warm, tropical scent with notes of mango, palm leaf and coconut milk
    • Watermint: fresh mint is enlivened by citrus and spicy cardamom
  • Set of six
  • Key ingredients: denatured alcohol, water, fragrance oil
  • USA
  • 0.22 oz each

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